##B.V.P Army
Important. Please read!

I just want to announce that Black Veil Pokemon will be temporarely closing. The group just isn’t as active anymore, and alot of characters are still availble. It was really fun while it lasted, though. You all made my day and hopefully that will happen again if the group ever decides to open back up. To those who were actually active, thanks for joining the BVP army. I love you all. <3

-Jirachi mod/N mun

hey im leaving

aw well it was fun while it lasted !! do you still want to reserve cheren or

i need to go on a hiatus for a week or two,,,///


can i reserve cheren


climbs in askbox do you mind if i reserve for emmet please? v o v


swag swag check out this swag

original!red has left !!!! please unfollow .

leaf is now available!
new rule!

from now on, you will be able to claim 3 characters instead of 2!